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Behind Osa Ozdoba is me, Åsa, a Swedish goldsmith living in Copenhagen. The name Osa Ozdoba is a word play in polish Osa where osa means wasp and ozdoba ornament.

I have been making jewelry since 2007 where I started taking evening classes. Pretty soon I bought some basic tools and started creating at home. Between the years 2012 and 2015 I studied goldsmithing. First at Guldvux in Falköping, Sweden and later at KTS, Copenhagen, Denmark.
During my time at KTS I started making piercing jewelry as I wanted a more rustic, less shiny alternative to the factory made pieces sold in most piercing shops. I enjoy adapting the traditional techniques I was taught in school to different kinds of body jewelry and how all the different sizes and placements on the body challenges my creativity.

I find my inspiration everywhere, from the forest to the city. But mainly it derives from the process of creation and getting my hands into the materials. While working on one piece I often get ideas to a lot more.

I work in a range of different metals. Sterling silver, niobium, copper brass and gold. I always want to use the metal that fits best for each piece. My goal is to combine a beautiful unique design with durability and comfort.

I hope you find something you love